Wholesale Calendar Ordering

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Personalized JacketWrap

The JacketWrap is new this year! Imagine each calendar coming wrapped in it's own paper jacket with no more plastics.

Customer's fingers delicately open the thick vellum paper unveiling your personal message within.

Attached to the calendar, they are reminded all year that you sent this.

✓ Personal message

✓ Profile photo and logo

✓ Best wishes message

The bottom flap sticks out below the calendar but folds inside to fit inside an envelope.

“All the clients I sent your calendar to have thanked me and demanded another one.”

Ron Clark, JBS Services

"My colleagues love receiving them as much as I love giving them!"

Beverly Booth

"Guess what I need?!  I am down to 1 Calendar . . .  People have been quite impressed and are constantly complimenting what a wonderful job you have done."

Donna Ashmore

I spent most of the afternoon browsing through the paintings and drooling over the recipes in the lovely calendar that you so kindly send every year. I love these calendars.  So a heartfelt thank you for your wonderful gift and thoughtfulness.

Joanne Davidson