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In times when we are so accustomed to calendars online, the art calendar is the nostalgic detour we need to brighten our days.

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We love working with artists to encourage their fabulous artwork to be seen through our printed mediums. Know someone you really like?

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Each Calendar Has a JacketWrap

Each calendar is wrapped with our JacketWrap™ feature. Printed with vellum paper, it has a tactile feel and weight that whispers quality. With no plastic wrapping to discard, the JacketWrap keeps things “green”.

We Visit The Places

"I LOVE getting the Circle Tour Art Calendar. We go to the restaurant
that is in each month, and make a point of taking day trips to many of the
places in the calendar. And the recipes are fabulous."

Sharon O’Brien

We Compared Two Calendars

"My husband and I compared two calendars - the generic one and Suzanne’s beautiful one. I said, “Look at these! This one has nothing to do with Victoria or with us or with the person who gave it. But this one is all about this place, and it’s on beautiful paper, everything about it says something about the person who gave it."

Pauline Penner, Jumpstart Solutions

I Know Where That Is...

"I gave your calendar to my kids living in Cobble HIll and Shawnigan Lake, and they were absolutely thrilled with it! They spent so much time going through each month saying, "I know where that is! Oh, look, there's . . . " It was their favourite of all the Christmas presents."

Emily Nelson

Reveled In The Beauty

I won one of your calendars in the raffle yesterday. I sat and looked at it this morning and revelled in the beautiful renditions of local scenery.
Thank you so much!

Maggie Megenbir

I love these calendars.  I love that they portray local venues, profile local artists, and present recipes from local chefs who use local ingredients. I love it, so much so that I have kept all the past calendars going back to 2014.

Joanne Davidson